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The Anti-Floral Guide
to Spring Decorating

S 0520-R

May is coming. Wait for it – florals will abound. From catwalks to catalogues for both wardrobe and home, flowery prints will feature in fabrics and hardware everywhere you look. Which isn’t a bad thing, of course – we love a good print. Still, florals just aren’t for everyone.

Never fear – here are six simple ways to spruce up your home in time for the warmer season. Because after the winter we’ve had, we’re all in need of a pick-me-up, right?

Coast to coast

Turn your favourite coasters into graphic wall art! Tape them onto a colourful thick card and prop them up in inexpensive frames. You can either match the card to your wall colour for subtle interest, like in this example, or feature different colours in each frame for an eclectic mix.

Colour code: S 0540-B10G (image source)

Art gallery: Homemade

Art galleries are pretty huge right now. Whether you’re hanging a Picasso piece next to a Van Gogh or simply putting your favourite scrapbook paper on display in a pretty frame, it’s hard to get wrong.

Colour code: S 0510-Y30R (image source)

Colour code: S 0510-Y30R (image source)

Stick ‘em up

Peel-and-stick wall decals are a quick and simple update for any room. This twiggy number serves double duty as a feature backdrop for tea-towel hooks in the kitchen. Cute, right?

Colour code: S 2502-B (image source)

Give it a lick of paint.

A bucket of paint is one of the easiest tools you can use to instantly change a space. Choose a springtime colour that makes you feel happy and paint an accent wall – or the whole room! Here’s a tip to make the outcome look more professional: pick out an accent colour from the furnishings and fabrics currently in your room, and match your paint colour to that palette. That way, a few hours later, you’re left with a room that looks perfectly put-together.

Colour code: S 3060-R90B (image source) 

Not your average accent wall.

This entire home is pastel-perfect, but our favourite feature are the random circles of colour painted onto the crisp white walls:

Colour code: S 0520-R (image source)

Rethink, repurpose

Carved, ready-made ceiling rosettes make an impressive eye-level wall display. These were painted in graduated shades of yellow, and the end result looks great against the neutral background, don’t you think?

Most rosettes are made of lightweight urethane, so they’re easy to hang – plus, they’re inexpensive and available at most hardware stores!

Colour code: Beige S 1010-Y20R | Yellow S 0530-Y10R (image source)

Paint the chairs!

We’re ready to bet that all your kitchen or dining chairs are exactly the same colour, right? That’s great, but it’s not essential, if you think about it. If your chairs have been around for a while and could do with a little upcycle, why not paint them different colours to complement the rest of the room while adding interest?

Colour code: S 0540-B (image source)

Colour code: S 0540-B (image source)

Comfy details

Here’s a slightly less permanent solution: Cushion covers in bright, colourful patterns to complement your wall colour!

Colour code: S 0540-B30G (image source)

Colour code: S 0540-B30G (image source)

Talk about it!

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