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Sofa Sophistication
Coloured Couches & the Walls
that make them POP!

S 2040-G

Sofas. They’re usually the largest piece of furniture in a living space. Packed with potential, of course. Just think –  the shapes, the fabrics and those wonderful, wonderful colours! Why, they should be the star of the show! The focal point that grounds the entire room! The centre of attention!

That rarely happens. Think back to the last 5 living rooms you’ve been in. It’s safe to assume that the sofa was anything but the star, resigned to a life of neutrality and blending into the background. The eternal wallflower, who’s sole purpose is to hide remote controls, stale popcorn and loose change. It’s sad, really. Not a bad idea, of course. Sometimes your focal point will be another item of furniture. Sometimes, neutral is what’s needed.

But sometimes… sometimes you catch a stunner from the corner of your eye, in a magazine or something. And oh, what a breath of fresh air it is to behold. An eye-catching, non-neutral showstopper that seems to draw the entire room to attention, screaming “doesn’t this space look absolutely stellar, just because I’m in it?”

…and if that bit of personification doesn’t impress you, well, then maybe these photos will:

Luxe Living

We dare you to resist sinking into this velvet number. A bold chartreuse, the sofa looks perfectly worn-in and almost antique, what with its detailed lines and curved feet. Yet it holds its own amid other modern accents, like that clear accent table and modern geometric art. Colourful throw pillows in different sheens add to the sophisticated look, as does that moody neutral wall colour. Take a step back and notice: this non-neutral sofa is completely different from, but still complementary to, the rest of the space. And the end result is fabulous.


Colour code: RAL 7045 (source)


Retro chic

Looks like these have us eyeing those old “dated” couches in our grandparent’s TV room. Here’s a tip: Whenever you spot an old couch about to be thrown out, save it. With a little TLC, an afternoon of upholstery and a bit of 60s inspiration, your living room could be retro chic in no time. And don’t even get us started on the colour combinations going on in these two living spaces.


Colour code: S 2030-B10G (source)


Colour code: S 5020-R90B (source)


Scandinavian Simplicity

Coloured couches don’t always need to be bold. This living room uses pastel, calming and almost bland colours. But put them together and your guests will never leave your living room.


Colour code: S 1005-R20B (source)


The same goes for this space, although the decorator has clearly gone for a little added drama in this case. Still, it’s a modern room that’s packed with interest, thanks to the chosen colour palette and the depth gained by layering the wall colours together with the mirror on the stairwell. Genius.


Colour codes: Cream RAL 9003 |Charcoal RAL 7021 (source)


Bohemian Beauty

Does the whole bohemian trend confuse you? It’s no wonder, really: the whole concept of being bohemian is doing things a little unconventionally. Take this living room, for instance. Red and green doesn’t automatically have to imply Christmas, especially when you choose a gorgeous ikkat print and a rich, apple green wall colour. Throw in a few quirky wall pictures and a crate for a side table and bob’s your uncle – you’ve got yourself a crazy-beautiful boho aesthetic down to a T!


Colour code: S 2040-G (source)



It wouldn’t be a Sigma Masterpiece blog post without a little drama thrown in, now would it? We understand that this one is not for the meek, but we couldn’t resist throwing it in there. Remove the sofa and the colour doesn’t make sense. Remove the colour, and the sofa would look bland. It’s a match made in art deco heaven!


Colour code: S 3055-R50B (source)

Do you have a coloured couch in your home? Send in your photos on our Facebook page – we’d love to see what our readers are up to with their home decor adventures!

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