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S 3010-B10G

Ah, Christmas. You either love it or you hate it, right? At Sigma, we happen to love the holidays, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things we wouldn’t rather do without. That lurid green tinsel, for instance, the kind that gets into every nook and cranny of the house. Or those blinking, blinding, headache-inducing street lights that have been around for years on end. And that latest craze – the stuffed Santa Clauses hanging off of balconies. What is it with those?

The good news is that Christmas decor doesn’t have to be gaudy. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Classy ones. Modern ones. Absolutely gorgeous ones. Decor that fits into the rest of your home as opposed to sticking out like a sore thumb in green and red.

We’re sharing our favourite Christmas decor ideas based on the colours so many of us have around the house – neutrals!


We can’t get enough of the Scandinavian decor trend that’s taking over everyone’s Pinterest boards. The slate-grey walls and crisp white furnishings, topped off with the odd light or cosy make a room look cool yet welcoming. Plus, check out that simple string of fairy lights in the corner – goodbye obtrusive flashes, hello classy touches!


Colour code: RAL 7000 (source)

Glamorous metallics set the stage for magical wintry spreads. In this number and the next, shades of platinum, pewter and chrome combine to create a dazzling, icy living area that’s still welcoming.


Colour code: S 3010-B10G (source)

Metallic decor looks especially fetching in grey interiors. Blend silver and gold to add depth and accentuate the overall neutral look.


Colour code: RAL 7046 (source)

A modern look can also be evoked by unexpected colours against a neutral background, like these rich jewel tones that lend themselves to an opulent look. Once again, remember to incorporate metallic accents, reflective surfaces and shades of gemstones (like this dazzling amethyst sofa!)


Colour code: RAL 7031 (source)

The next two living rooms both feature a touch of blue, which is not your typical Christmas colour. They both have a beachy fresh look about them, and those snowy Christmas trees add just the right amount of cheer to the room without being overpowering.


Colour Code: S 1020-B10G (source)


Colour code: S 1002-R50B (source)

If you’re facing a room that’s white-on-white, its hard to picture winter warmth. But the strategic use of candles and lights in this living space does the trick! Beautiful, clean and uncluttered, yet festive.


Colour code: S 1002-Y (source)

Does your living room have dark walls? No worries! Bring Christmas in with a few key pieces that tie into the colour scheme, like this stunner of a tree against a charcoal feature wall…


Colour code: RAL 5020 (source)

… or these semi-traditional decorations that pick up on the red accents in this bachelor pad!


So to all the Grinches out there, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Hide away from the bright lights and gaudy tunes and retreat to your refreshing living rooms – and bring your guests along too!

How will you decorate your home? Send your photos in on our Facebook page and join the conversation!

Happy decorating, everyone. And Happy Holidays!

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