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Boring bathrooms?
they’re a thing of the past

S 3050-B10G

Your alarm rings and you mumble. The sun has barely risen, but you need to get going if you’re going to avoid rush hour. You stumble out of bed, waddle into the shower and then slowly make your way to the kitchen to make that vital first cup of coffee. The postman wouldn’t be able to tell that person in the bathrobe from an extra in World War Z, but you’ll get yourself together by the time you head to work. Somehow.

There’s a better way, you know.

Go back a few steps – stopping right after the bit where you “stumble out of bed”. With a little inspiration from these guys down below there will be no more waddling into the shower, mark my words. Within no time you’ll be waltzing into the loo, whistling away as you get yourself sudsy before you bounce out of the shower to get on with the rest of your beautiful, beautiful day.

We would go on about birds chirping as they help you make the bed and cute little squirrels rushing in to prepare your tea and toast, but somehow we feel that we’ve gone off on a tangent.

Seriously though, there are no excuses for a boring bathroom. With the incredible range of colours available on the Maltese market for paints, tiles, fixtures, ceramics – even towels! – there’s nothing standing in the way of your bright and beautiful morning.


Exotic Tropic – A tropical-themed bathroom is just the ticket to a spa-like experience, and while it looks amazing, it doesn’t need much work to recreate. Go for green mosaic tiles, bamboo accessories and stone features – and put lots of green potted plants all over the place. Then all you’d need is that dreamy wall colour to bring it all together – plus, remember to get a glass shower cabinet so you can enjoy the amazing view all around.

Exotic - Colour code: S 3050-B10G (source: Henderson Design Group)

Colour code: S 3050-B10G (image source: Henderson Design Group)



Glam & Girly – Shimmering mosaic tiles, a statement chair and fresh flowers bring this room right out of the ordinary with added sparkle. Soft lilac walls and simple white blinds create a tranquil feel. 

Glam & Girly - Colour code: (source: LivingEtc)

Colour code: S 2010-R40B (image source: LivingEtc)



Sea and Sky – Paint makes the big statement here, giving a narrow space the depth of sea and sky. Designer Sally Markham chose a gloss finish to catch sunshine, or lantern light. Who says tiny guest bathrooms can’t make a statement?

Sea & Sky - Colour code: (source: Sally Markham)

Colour code: S 1040-B (image source: Sally Markham)



Tropical textures – this master bathroom has a very different vibe from what we’re used to seeing in Malta. Soapstone tile grounds the room, while the earthy green walls contrast beautifully with the teak accents. A little colour goes a long way towards bringing the tropical to the Mediterranean!

Tropical - Colour code: S 3050-G70Y (source: Alicia Blas Macdonald)

Colour code: S 3050-G70Y (image source: Alicia Blas Macdonald)



Blue Luxe – Every feature of this compact shower room exudes luxury in small doses – from the silver sidesplash tile that complements the washbasin to the glass-like subway tile both in the shower and behind the sink. Each of these elements are offset by the rich, decadent dark teal blue.

Decadent - Colour code: (source: James Michael Howard design)

Colour code: S 5030-R90B (image source: James Michael Howard design)



That Spa Feel – This project by Jessica at FourGenerationsOneRoof demonstrates just how easy it is to renovate your dingy bathroom on a budget. (Click on the image to see the ‘before’ pictures.) With a lick of white paint on the mirror and a gorgeous, deep green on the walls, this bathroom was transformed from drab to spa-day fab.

Cheerful - Colour code: (source: FourGenerationsOneRoof)

Colour code: S 1030-B30G (image source: FourGenerationsOneRoof)



Warm Sand – Yet another example of the way a small shower room can still look stunning. Make the most of the shower space with an accent tile that is reflected in other features like the sink bowl and the cabinet. Remember to ground the room with a common colour to bring it all together, like this terracotta brown.

Colour code: S 2040-Y40R (image source: Knight Construction Design)



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