Colours may appear different on your screen. Please check your colour on the Sigma colour-chart instore, or try a sample before purchasing.
Clouds and</br><span>Sand Collide</span>

S 1020-Y

RAL 9016

RAL 5002

Clouds and
Sand Collide

The fancy knockers may be a distraction, but the white and sand colours complement this navy door to a T!

S 1020-Y


S 1565-B


How about this rich blue for a perfect addition to greenery?

S 1565-B

Subtle Shades</br><span>And Fancy Ironwork </span>

S 0530-R40B

S 1010-Y50R

S 0804-Y50R

Subtle Shades
And Fancy Ironwork

How’s that for some fancy ironwork?
Framed by subtle shades of beige and pink to complete the 60’s look.

S 0530-R40B

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